Nerd Mom Diaries

The First Purge

Good morning friends! Have you ever watched any of the “Purge” movies or the TV show? Well, this is nothing like that. Or maybe it is. I’m not real sure. This past weekend I spent a little time transitioning my wardrobe from Winter to Spring. I figured since I have already shared the ridiculous hoarded mass of clothes that I own on more than one occasion, I would share the stages of transition with you. The picture below is filled with the victims of the first purge.

Purge Victims

Why did I call this stage of wardrobe transition “The First Purge”? Because that is exactly what I did. I purged my closet of everything that was obviously meant for winter, everything that didn’t spark joy, fit weird or didn’t fit at all, and anything that I hadn’t worn in the last 30 days. It’s a small pile right now, but if I know myself as well as I think I do, there will be at least one more purge before I’m happy with my Spring Wardrobe.

Obvious Winter Stuff

What isn’t shown in the above picture are my long jeans to wear with my tall boots, and said tall boots. Why? Because I am not quite sure I’m ready to put them away yet. I may change my mind about those, like I have already done twice since Saturday. I’m sure at some point all the rest of my long sleeve shirts will go in this pile too as well as the rest of my vests.

Work Only Stuff

The above picture has all the clothing items that I exclusively wear at work and nowhere else. Mostly because they are “fancy”, and I’m the least fancy person on the planet. But also because I will probably ruin my favorite work shirts if I wear them out with friends, or out to dinner with Jamie. Yes. I am in fact that much of a mess. This pile is already missing two items, by the way.

This is mental. I still have so much in the pile pictured below. It feels excessive.

The First Purge: End Result

This is everything left in my closet (minus my drawer full of leggings, but we’ll go down that rabbit hole another day). I would also like to point out that at least 6 items in this pile have since made it into the Winter Wardrobe bins, and at the very least, my tall boots are next. Or are they? I am also quite positive that a good part of this pile will also end up discarded to either the purge pile or the give away pile. Just give it time.

Stay tuned for the next edition of “Shopaholic Closet Chronicles”. Much love.

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