Nerd Mom Diaries

Adding Excitement To My Closet

I did it ladies. I broke the seal. I ripped off the band aid. I broke the bank.

Not really. I just went shopping with my dear friend Cressida this past Sunday. She helped me pick out some new pieces for my spring capsule wardrobe. I had been at the store for about 30 minutes before she arrived and when she saw the massive pile of clothes I had in my arms her eyes got massive, and she just started laughing. I had to promise that I was not going to buy everything. That I was just waiting for her to arrive so I could try things on. We spent about 2 hours in that dressing room trying things on. Laughing when I looked ridiculous and swapping shirts back and fourth.

I really needed some cute pieces for my Spring Capsule to take me out of my comfort zone, and keep me from buying more things because I’m bored of my wardrobe in 3 weeks. I should also mention that it is a good possibility that I will end up taking at least one of these items back. Most likely the jeans that I didn’t really need. Those pink pants though, those are staying.

When I came home with new clothes I got a weird look and a “You bought new clothes again, didn’t you?” from Jamie (see babe, I’m using your name now). He doesn’t understand the importance of seasonal wardrobes. I am not going to even try to make him understand. It is what it is.

I have to admit though, I’ve made some progress in the shopping and wardrobe departments. I spent close to $1000 back in the fall to replace my entire wardrobe when I got a new job. I realize now that it was unnecessary. My hope is that now that I have a handle on my basics, I won’t have to buy all new clothes every seasons. Just one or two items. All that’s left for spring is shoes, and I’ll only buy a few pair that will cover both spring and summer. But alas, I struggle with shoes. So who knows what will happen there.

Because I just can’t help myself I’ve taken pictures of all my outfits from this week with the new clothes pictured. I’ll hopefully get to posting them tomorrow. I promise to add style cards.

Disclaimer: Everything pictured here was purchased at JC Penny for $163 total. I didn’t break the bank. I also bought nothing clothing related at any other store we went to. Almost everything I bought is made my the company a.n.a, all but one shirt. It may be my new favorite brand.

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