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Book Review: I Found You

Let me start by saying this book was fantastic. It kept me wanting more every second. I should also be honest here, sometimes I like to listen to a book, simply because of the fact that I cannot read while I am driving, cooking dinner, or laying in bed in the dark while my Fiance Jamie snores. So yes, I listened to this book.

I had never read a book by Lisa Jewell before I found the book “I Found You” on Audible. I have passed by this book a bunch of times, and never clicked purchase. But from the first sentence, I was hooked.

I actually felt like I was standing inside the book watching it happen. “I Found You” is filled with complicated relationships, a strange man who doesn’t know who he is, a couple pairs of angsty teenagers, some dogs with the weirdest personalities, and of course a few mysteries that I kept trying to solve in my head every night. Who is this strange man? Why is Lily’s husband missing? Why is Alice so willing to let a stranger into her life? Why was the author taking us back to 1993? It was worth the time spent with this book, to find out the answers.

In the past I have found it hard to stick with books that have so many different points of view. There are only a few authors that can pull this off and keep my interest. I couldn’t write this way myself. Typically, books like this are hard for me to follow without getting lost, or bored. I tend to get easily irritated by the constant changing in character point of view. But this book was different. It kept me enthralled because each set of characters had a mystery that I was dying to solve. It sucked me in every time the chapter swapped from Alice and Frank to Lily and then to 1993 and back again. I loved it.

In the end there were a couple of twists I didn’t see coming, but I totally called it when I guessed early on who the mysterious stranger was. That is not me saying that this book was predictable in any way. It’s me patting myself on the back for getting good at figuring mysteries out.

There were also a few cringe worthy moments that made me press pause and collect my thoughts. However, all in all this book exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to read more books by Lisa Jewell. I give this book 4.5 stars, and would definitely recommend it. Be sure to check this book out. You might love it as much as I did.

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