Nerd Mom Diaries

The New Normal

It’s time for another truth bomb.

As we came to the end of day 2 of school closures and work from home, I had a bit of a breakdown. The picture below is what my “office” looks like. It is where I will spend my days working from home for at least this week and next, possibly longer. I’m not going to lie folks, this is going to be a challenge.

I cried twice today. I did not shower. I only wore a bra for the hour I was at “lunch” getting my children’s school stuff. I also yelled at my children, snapped at my fiancé a couple of times and after dinner I drank a couple hard seltzer’s.

Today was not my finest day. It was filled with challenges. The challenge of taking customer service calls in my own house while stealing all the internet from my children. The challenge of getting to the schools to get my children the materials they needed to learn at home for the next few weeks. The challenge of setting up my office to accommodate my fiancé who will also be working from home. Challenges for days.

Amidst all of this turmoil, I’m very thankful that I work for a company that is taking care of us. That is giving us the opportunity to continue to work, even if it’s a difficult situation. I’m thankful that I have amazing coworkers who are up for chatting on FB and Skype all day to keep each other sane. I’m thankful that we have food in our house. We have the essentials. I have love in my life. We can face these challenges together.

So for now, I am going to remain calm. I’m going to breathe. I’m going to even try yoga. I’m going to teach my kids what I can. I’m going to let them be kids. I’m going to love them. I’m going to make the most of our current situation. I’m going to make it through.

Be safe my friends. We’ve got this.

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