Nerd Mom Diaries

Mom Truth: Meltdowns Happen

You all must have figured out by now that I’m honest. I’m gonna tell you like it is, even when it is ugly and messy. So here it is folks, my weekly does of Mom Truth: I’m a hot mess. I am exhausted and I have reached my limit.

Today, I had a small meltdown mid shift at “work” (my home office). Tears. Anxiety. You know, that overwhelmed feeling of everything crashing down. Everything is going on out there, was a little too much for me. Having to do schoolwork with the boys and work, was too much for me today. And you know what? I seriously work for the best company. One of our managers talked me through my meltdown and offered to let me take some time to recharge. So I am taking a little time to get my thoughts together. Watching some movies with my kiddos. Ordering takeout from a local restaurant. Tomorrow, we’re going to take a nice long walk.

I am mess. But I will be okay. I am also grateful. I am loved. I can do this. I can get through this insanity. So can you.

Anyone out there reading this, who needs to chat. Send me a message. We as moms can get through this stuff together.

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