Nerd Mom Diaries

About Me


Mom. Nerd. Reader. Shopaholic. Researcher. Writer. Potter Head. Slytherin. Cupcake Maker. Spaz. Coffee Addict. Lover of all things Sparkly. Country Music Fan. Sticker Collector. Happiness Warrior. Crafter. Blogger.

Welcome to my crazy life. Put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

What is this blog all about?


My Shopping Addiction. The things I buy, the things I return and the things I keep.


I am a reader. I typically read 3 or 4 books at a time. I often share my book reviews.

My life as a mom.

Stories, adventures, and everything it means to be a mom.

Other things I adore…

My Bullet Journal.

I have been obsessed with my modified bullet journal for quite some time. I find it helps me to stay organized and hold myself accountable.

Self Care.

I love sharing my self care journey with my readers.

DIY Craft Projects on a Budget.

My newfound obsession with creating beautiful home decor on a budget.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures…

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